Guide to Selecting Egg Hatching Incubators

Sometimes situations may arise where a mother is unable to care for her own eggs due to death, inexperience, or just simple lack of interest. In these situations it is necessary to use an artificial environment such as hatching incubators. If you are in the early stages of breeding your animals then it is still a good idea to have one of these on backup just in case a bad situation occurs. The loss of quality eggs could be a hard blow to your hatching success.

What are hatching incubators and how do they work?

An incubator is simply a draft free box that keeps your poultry, bird, or reptile eggs at a consistent temperature while maintaining a balanced humidity level. The heat is generated from lights or electric heating coils inside the container and the humidity level is produced from filling an internal container with water. Other items can be included in hatching incubators such as thermometers and humidity gauges, a fan for circulating air or egg racks for automatic turning.

What to consider when purchasing hatching incubators:

There are many different features available and in order to find the perfect one you need to carefully look at the features that each model contains. Different features can be a necessity or can be unnecessary depending on your experience or the species you are hatching. The different models and features of each incubator are how much their temperature varies, capacity size, features and materials. Circulated air hatching incubators use fans to keep the temperature consistent even when the room temperature fluctuates. Still air incubators are slightly cheaper and will have warm/cold spots from the heat not being circulated. Still air incubators are idea for hobby breeders and the cold spots are not an issue due to the smaller size of the incubators. A fan is always something that can be installed at a later time but is necessary if you have a larger capacity incubator. 

What is the Best Hatching Incubators for Small Breeders?

For small breeders or even small businesses we recommend thermal air flow hatching incubators. These types of incubators are affordable and highly efficient even for the most inexperienced breeders. The thermal air flow is our top pick not only for its ability to dry out the babies after hatching but due to its small size and portability, 110volt power usage (making it great for domestic use) and because it uses a safe and highly advanced technology with its radiant heating tubes. Overall these are the perfect at home hatching systems. 

Be sure to make your selection carefully so that your egg hatching experience is stress free. Look at each model so that you have a better idea what you would like from an incubator and how each model can benefit you. You might have to spend a bit more in the end but it will be worth it when you have a very high success rate. 

Happy Hatching

Guide to Selecting The Best Hatching Incubators for Your Needs